Una joven británica muestra al mundo su recuperación tras 10 años de lucha contra la anorexia

Algunas de las imágenes muestran a Inglis antes y después de la enfermedad, como evidencia del inmenso progreso que ha realizado durante estos años


Connie Inglis, una joven inglesa ha demostrado que hay vida después de la anorexia. A pesar de que ha tenido que luchar mucho ha conseguido superar la enfermedad de manera admirable.

Ahora, diez años después, Inglis utiliza las redes sociales como herramienta para difundir un mensaje de positividad sobre el cuerpo. Poco a poco ha logrado captar más de 16.000 seguidores gracias a sus mensajes de ánimo en Instagram.

January 23rd 2016- January 23rd 2017 💙 💙 Firstly I want to say this is not a look how skinny I was or look how well I've done post. This is to hopefully show you that no matter how lost you are in your own head, it is possible to escape! It is possible to find happiness again!!! 💙 💙 Secondly you do not have to be this shape, size colour or gender for your struggles to matter! You are always deserving of help if you are struggling!!! 💙 💙 It's a year ago today since I was sectioned under the mental health act. I was so ill I was doing everything I could think of to not take in ANYTHING. I had given up. My eating disorder had taken over and I wanted to die. So I was sectioned and forced to get better. I was put on an ng tube. I was forced to watch as the scale went up every week and I could do nothing about it. (Not that I didn't try) I hated everyone who put me through that! I was on drugs that put me out so I wouldn't hurt myself or anyone else. This time last year I was a mess. 💙 But the people I loved stayed by me. My best friends and my boyfriend came to see me all the time and my parents where there every day. They where there to remind me to try. So I did. Eventually I asked my boyfriend if it was ok if I ate, he told me I should. For the first time in my life I realised that I loved these people more than my ed. so I fought, I fought like hell!!! 💙 💙 I'm not telling you this for sympathy or to diminish anyone's struggles, (everyone's struggle is valid!!! No matter how long it takes!!) I was in this for 10 years before I got out. But I want you to know that it is possible!!!!! No not all my problems have gone away. Yes I still have the thoughts. But I am strong enough now to resist! Keep going! You can get through this hell and I will be with you every step of the way!!! We can do this together!!!! 💙💛💜 (I don't want to answer any questions about weight) #positivebeatsperfect

Una foto publicada por Connie💜🦄Positive.beats.perfect (@my_life_without_ana) el

Inglis abrió una nueva cuenta de Instagram en 2016 decidida a ayudar a todos los jóvenes que como ella, padecen esta enfermedad. La anorexia es un trastorno alimentario caracterizado por un bajo peso, miedo a engordar, un fuerte deseo de ser delgada y restricciones alimentarias. A través de sus mensajes, intenta inspirar y difundir mensajes de positividad sobre el cuerpo, sus mensajes van dirigidos a todas aquellas personas que no les gusta su cuerpo, obsesionados con los estándares de belleza impuestos por la publicidad y los medios de comunicación. También escribe sobre su historia personal sufriendo esta enfermedad y su recuperación. Su valor quiere ser un apoyo moral para todos aquellos que sufre trastornos de alimentación, les anima a salir de él y volver a amar su cuerpo tal y como es.

August 2016 #throwback I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed today, there's just so much going on! So I scrolled back though my Instagram to my first ever bopo post! I can't believe how far I've come!!! This is what I wrote: 💜 💜 "I've been scared to post this all day! I'm having really bad body image so I'm facing it head on! And I want you all to see that I am not perfect! This is me and this is my belly! I'm in recovery, nearly weight restored but not all the way to healthy just yet! Still got some more of me to come! This belly has been through hell and back... Again and again. It has been starved and empty and fed and bloated. I have stretch marks and loose skin from weight fluctuations. I have permanent lines where my stomach folds when I move. I have scars from the times I was at my lowest and tried to cut my tummy away. But this is me and this is the tummy I've got after a life time of self hatred and self abuse so I need to learn that this is my tummy and it's ok! It's ok to have scars and stretch marks! It's ok to have rolls in your tummy! And it's OK TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! You don't have to punish yourself forever for something you can't change! The body your in is yours and the flaws that it has are yours! BE PROUD OF THEM! Be happy that your still here! Be grateful that after everything you have but your body through, it's still looking out for you! LOVE YOURSELF 💕 (via #InstaRepost) 💜 💜 So this is just a little reminder for anyone really struggling to love themselves, it's so hard but it is possible! And I still take photos to face my fears on my bad body image days! Like the beautiful Gina says 👏🏻FAKE👏🏻IT👏🏻TILL👏🏻YOU👏🏻MAKE👏🏻IT👏🏻 (You do not have to post your self love journey online!!! Everyone is different! I started this page as my open diary with only 10 followers!) keep going beautiful people!!! #positivebeatsperfect

Una foto publicada por Connie💜🦄Positive.beats.perfect (@my_life_without_ana) el

Algunas de las imágenes muestran a Inglis antes y después de la enfermedad, como evidencia del inmenso progreso que ha realizado durante estos años. Hoy la protagonista de esta historia sonríe a pesar de las consecuencias psicológicas que dejan este tipo de traumas y el hecho de que se tenga que pesar todos los días.

#throwback to some smiles, some sass and a fabulous underwear set! 👏🏻 (@ted_baker ) 👏🏻 everyone has difficult days where the world seems to get on top of them. But when you feel like giving up hold on hope because there's been some incredible times before now and there will be incredible times to come. Life and mental illness sometimes get in the way but bopo and happiness will be in your heart forever 💕 #positivebeatsperfect - - Having a really hard day and nothing really felt right but this does! Love you all!! - - Thank you for all your messages today! Sending out the biggest virtual hug ever♥️♥️♥️

Una foto publicada por Connie💜🦄Positive.beats.perfect (@my_life_without_ana) el